MUFF 23 Shorts 
5 sessions total

All screenings and events are being held at
Q Room 371 Settlement Rd Thomastown VIC

Session 1 - 70min
Saturday December 9

Zombies V the Men's Shed
dir Travis Bain
AU - 9min
( also playing as Opening Night short)

A quiet morning at the Cairns Men's Shed is rudely interrupted by a horde of zombies, spawned by a chemical factory accident, and this prompts the members of the Men's Shed to take up arms and fight for their community, their organization, and Australia!

They Hunger
dir Florian Dreischer
GER - 34min

Six strangers are willing to give their lives for the ultimate story.

The Scout
dir Adam James Lawes
AU - 10min

A plumber working back late has an unexpected guest.

It's Gonna Rain
dirs Orly Beringer, Owen Lawie
AU - 26min

A series of interwoven impressions in a kaleidoscopic tour through a suburban dream.

Session 2 - 72min
Sunday December 10

Blood Sugar Sex Yowie
dir Henry Stone
AU - 22min

A desperate cryptozoologist is tricked by OnlyFans pornographers into giving them a tour of spooky bush locations to film in.

Ghost Song
dirs Joseph Keckler, M. Sharkey
USA - 6min

A narrator reveals the details of a mysterious, transformative encounter that took place in a remote locale.

Tlaloc (Lines Drawn in Water)
dir Abinadi Meza
USA - 9min

Tlaloc (Lines Drawn in Water) is a handmade, cameraless, 16mm film. Tlaloc is the deity of waters, rain, lightning, and growth in the Aztec pantheon.

dirs Jason Chave, Peter Wolf Lowe
AU - 8min

When her car breaks down, a lone woman has to race against time through the dark, dangerous, and weird backways of an apocalypt-ish Melbourne.

dir Kassy Gaucho
CA - 13min

Desperate to climb the ranks of Bevlon, a #girlboss pyramid scheme, Sofi throws a recruitment party for a few girlfriends. When one of her guests suddenly drops dead, chaos ensues.

dirs Ari Kwasner-Catsi, Renee Kypriotis
AU - 16min

A third generation Greek-Australian, Aggelos, fronts questions of his identity.

dir Zach Hearn Sengstock
AU - 5min

Clive tries to enjoy his favourite show while being psychologically tortured by his son.

Session 3 - 72min
Sunday December 10

dir Kesari Bhattacharya
AU - 20min

Diversity Quotas in heaven have humorous consequences on earth.

It's Only A Film
dir Samvu Willing
AU - 6min

In an effort to find meaning and change the script of his life, Bobby Breadcrumb journeys beyond the fourth wall to fight against the powers that be.

Dream of a Shadow
dir Peter Galison
USA - 21min

An experimental back and forth between the innermost-personal and the astronomical.

dir Jeno Kim
AU - 7min

Whilst sharing the liminal space of a car ride, two strangers discover they may be more connected to each other than they realise.

Bin Day
dir Ryan Neil Butler
AU - 8min

The sun is shining, the birds are singing and the zombie apocalypse has settled in nicely. There's just one of the undead is in the yard. What's a pacifist to do?

Flyby Kathy
dir Pedro Bastos
Portugal - 10min

In 1981, an adult film actress mysteriously disappeared. 40 years later, this story unfolds...

Session 4 - 67min
Tuesday December 12

Don't Come In...Yet
dir Isaac Dean Elliott
AU - 10min

As an 18 year old wheelchair user, Jake's life is micromanaged by his dad, even when Jake and his best friend June plan to have sex for the first time.

Don't Bother Me
dir Jack L. Pardy
AU 10min

A broke, scrawny young man, facing the stresses of looking for work and paying bills is confronted with his own mortality when a man claiming to be a house-fly tries to take his life.

Rotten Blood
dir Durga Bahadur Karki (SAYAD)
Nepal - 18min

A depiction of the consequence of greed, ostentation and bondage seen in today's human civilisation and the journey of giving up all bonds and trying to be reborn to Samadhi.

Broken Chrysalis
dir Maxine Gatt
AU - 13min

Elle is trying to move on from her past, only to be confronted by her ex-boyfriend, Tommy, who has recently been released from prison.

Session 5 - 76min
Wednesday December 13

Mothers & Monsters
dir Edith Jorisch
CA - 16min

For a very special celebration, a host-mother has gathered mothers and their perfect children for a great banquet when the banquet is suddenly disrupted...

Lost Souls Archive
dir Connor McRae
AU - 15min

Inventor Nicholas Zara has created an AI-controlled hub that can store the souls of depressed people and rehabilitate them. When glitches start to appear, Nicholas has to solve the problems.

dir Anders Elsrud Hultgreen
NOR - 14min

In the sewers beneath the city of Bergen, a microbiologist tries to uncover secrets.

Nocturnal Celluloid
dir Billy Rowlands
AU - 15min

In the midst of a move-out, a teenage boy discovers his deceased uncle's film prints that depict his time in The Vietnam War.

dir Darcy Conlan
AU - 7min

A thief is stalked by an inflatable car yard mascot after he steals one of its closely guarded vehicles.

Closing Night
Two shorts by Mike Retter
( World Premiere)

Night Rites
dir Mike Retter
AU - 6min

Film-clip featuring Adelaide alternative rock band Night Rites and their spacey shoegaze track titled "DEN".. Utilising some experimental techniques in water and smoke to complement the atmosphere of the music. Directed by MUFF alumni Mike Retter (Youth On The March)

Kolesnikov's World
"Prelude To "Clair de Lune"
dir Mike Retter
AU - 6min

An intercepted TV broadcast from another dimension, Kolesnikov's World anticipates the follow-up to Mike Retter's previous feature film Youth On The March with a textured, distorted TV program featuring martial arts champion Eugene Kolesnikov and actress Hebe Sayce.