The Melbourne Underground Film Festival stands apart, independent, raging, warts and all for the sake of imperfect human-ness in a time when art is only celebrated for toeing the line and parroting the status quo. Imagination and independent thought are increasingly radical, rare and underground; and it is exactly these qualities that MUFF has championed for 23 years. MUFF doesn't seek to fulfill quotas, it never has and it never will, MUFF seeks the bizarre, the batshit crazy, the bold, the brave, MUFF celebrates outsider art and, of course, MUFF never shies from controversy.

Our selection of films this year reflect a genuine, unforced diversity from around Australia and the world. Some key highlights include our international guest, Larry Wesel with his new film and masterclass; our bonkers alien abduction Opening Night feature film, HIGH STRANGENESS which is having its debut and is presented by Ozploitation legend Brian Trenchard-Smith; our Freedom films of course THE GREAT AWAKENING and POLICE STATE; and a kooky feature by Russian director Diana Galimzyanova, PLAN 9 FROM ALIEXPRESS which is celebrating its International Debut with us. Short films of note include ZOMBIES vs THE MEN'S SHED by Aussie director Travis Bain; ROTTEN BLOOD by Nepali director Durga Bahadur Karki; JIBRIL from Aussie director Kesari Bhattacharya; the bleakly beautiful THEY HUNGER from German director Florian Dreischer; the amusing surprise of GHOST SONG from American directors Joseph Keckler and M. Sharkey; and THE MIRACLE WORKER a daringly timely film by Aussie director Cameron Miller, pls two great new shorts by daring Adelaide MUFF alumni Mike Retter.

Efisia Fele - Festival Co-Programmer and Asst Director