MUFF 23 Features

All screenings and events are being held at
Q Room 371 Settlement Rd Thomastown VIC

Opening Night
Friday December 8

7pm High Strangeness
dir Casper Jean Rimbaud
AU - 1.5hr
alien abduction/ psychosis-horror/arthouse
(with special video intro by Brian Trenchard-Smith, EP)

Abigail has persistent visions of a mass alien invasion and humanities doomsday, all fuelled by men lurking in the shadows of the Pentagon... Can she and her little sister Cathy survive the High Strangeness?

Join MUFF for our exciting Aussie feature debut!

Features in Session

Monday December 11

7pm Zapper
dir Nick Gatsby
USA - surreal - 1.5hr

In a surreal universe where bananas fire laser beams and soup cans are used as grenades, several wacky criminals put their lives on the line to score a mystical longboard.

Monday December 11

9pm Plan 9 From AliExpress
dir Diana Galimzyanova
RU - 1.5hr - fantasy/ adventure

An emotionally unstable Gothic Princess who wants to kill herself. Prince Charming steals her rope, she must find him to get her rope back and commit suicide. She faces a mysterious monster as well as vampires, witches, aliens and even a zombie unicorn on her way.

Tuesday December 12

7pm Ridgewood River
dirs Cameron Davies, Zachary Williams
AU - 59 mins - horror/ thriller

A reckless game of chance turns a peaceful camping trip into a nightmare of suspicion and terror for a group of friends in remote Australia. As they grapple with paranoia and psychosis, they must confront the haunting repercussions of their long kept secrets.

Wednesday December 13

Special Announcement:
8:30pm Larry Wessel's PALACE OF WONDERS will have a second encore screening

A Feature-Length Documentary over 20 Years in The Making inspired by Anton Szandor LaVey's evocative reading of the poem "Vagabond's House" by Don Blanding. Featuring a Star-Studded Cast of Indy Luminaries.

Closing Night
Thursday December 14

7pm Police State
dir Dinesh D'Souza
Freedom Movement Films
USA - 90 mins - doco

Dinesh D'Souza exposed the fraud of the 2020 Election in his film 2000 Mules.
Well now Dinesh is back and exposing the Witch Hunt that the Deep State has against ME! And the Police State is coming after you too. Dinesh understands this, and is blowing the whistle on all of it! "We can't let this continue. I hope everyone will watch the film, POLICE STATE! - Donald Trump

8:30pm The Great Awakening
dir Mikki Willis
USA - 100mins - doco

The Great Awakening pieces together a forbidden puzzle, revealing what's really happening in America and beyond. A lighthouse to guide us out of the storm and into a brighter future.