MUFF 23 Special Events

All screenings and events are being held at
Q Room 371 Settlement Rd Thomastown VIC

Friday December 8
8:30pm Frank Howson Special Event
"Remembering Nigel" - Redux Version

"Remembering Nigel" is considered to be Frank Howson's lost masterpiece. It's creation was based upon Richard Wolstencroft asking Howson to come up with a short film to premiere at MUFF. He did and the audience reaction was so enthusiastic it won the Best Short Film Award. It was then suggested to Howson that he should extend it into a feature. 10 years in the making, a rough cut of it won the Best Film at the Paso Robles Film Festival, whose patron was Clint Eastwood, in 2009. But Howson's obsessiveness resulted in another few years of reshooting and re-editing. Finally, it was snapped up by an American distributor, but red tape has halted its international release. So, MUFF can announce a very special exclusive screening of the final American edit of this film. It stars the who's who of the acting and music worlds, Oscar winners Martin Landau & Mark Rydell, Golden Globe winner Sally Kirkland, Steven Berkoff, John Savage, Bud Tingwell, Thea Gill (star of "Queer As Folk"), Eric Burdon, Michael J. Pollard, Alex Scott, Tommy Dysart, P. F. Sloan, etc., and a host of local actors. A rare one night only treat to view the Redux version in all its wonder.

Saturday December 9
7pm Larry Wessel Master Class

Filmmaker, Artist, Photographer and Writer Larry Wessel has been making films for the last 55 years. In his MUFF Master Class he will share clips from his Top 10 Favourite Films, read an excerpt from his upcoming memoir, "KING OF THE UNDERGROUND and Other Moments of Clarity" and he will discuss documentaries and his unique method of making them. Followed by...


A Feature-Length Documentary over 20 Years in The Making inspired by Anton Szandor LaVey's evocative reading of the poem "Vagabond's House" by Don Blanding. Featuring a Star-Studded Cast of Indy Luminaries including TV Pioneer, Musician Korla Pandit, Artist COOP, Mad Magazine's Dick DeBartolo, The Musee Mechanique, John Wickett and his Museum of Exotica, Sparks and DEVO Drummer David Kendrick, Mosaic Artist Jason Mecier, Rockstar Gidget Gein, Adventurer Mitch Miller, Rosemary's Billygoat, Human Blockhead David Apocalypse, Magic Historian Diego Domingo, Folk Artist Leonard Knight and his Salvation Mountain, "The Marilyn Monroe of Burlesque" Dixie Evans, Andy Warhol Superstar Louis Waldon, Charles Bukowski Photographer Michael Montfort, Plein Air Artist Alex Schaefer, Mark McCloud and his Museum of Illegal Images, The Vagabond and many more Surprise Guests!

Q and A to follow screening with Larry Wessel and Richard Wolstencroft.

Special Announcement:

Wednesday December 13

8:30pm Larry Wessel's PALACE OF WONDERS will have a second encore screening