The Melbourne Underground Film Festival (M.U.F.F.) first debuted in July of 2000, and has been a cutting edge premiere showcase for Independent cinema for 23 years. It is known for its radical, adventurous and iconoclastic programming decisions and for its support for different voices in the Independent and Underground film and video practitioners worldwide. The festival focuses on both Australian and International cinema and is a vocal critic of the staid and endlessly failing Australian Film Industry.

M.U.F.F. plays many shorts (about 40) in our shorts section every year and a lot of features in its MUFF Neu section. Overall we play about 50 new works each year, plus an exciting array of documentaries and curated retrospectives.

Now in it's 23rd year, M.U.F.F. is an essential cutting edge forum for new cinema that will look beyond production values, and find the hidden talent within. MUFF has been the launching board and incubator for many talented filmmakers including the likes of James Wan, Scott Ryan, Jenna Fisher, Jim VanBebber, Bruce LaBruce, Stuart Simpson, Addison Heath, Shannon Young, Kel Dolen, Steven Kastrissios, Ivan Kavanagh, Mark Savage, Anna Brownfield, Patrick Hughes, Jeremey DeCeglie, Gregory Pakis, Chris Lee Sun, Tom Vogel, Bronny Lane, Michael Tierney, Geretta Geretta and many, many others.

Join us in December 2023 and celebrate MUFF in its 23rd year.